The Grassiva SDO Membership is free, please chose one of the following Membership Types to Join us. 

We have 3 Types of memberships,

Student Membership


20160928_1934395The Student Membership is for any Student or Interested Person who does not have any or just minor previous Martial Arts Training and likes to either join one of our seminars, our Homestudy courses or or just wants to find out more about us and join one of our offline affliated schools.

Instructor Membership


The Instru20160928_113559ctor membership is for Instructors and advanced students who want to become Grassiva SDO Instructors or affliated with the Grassiva SDO. Affliated Instructors may also be considered as Guest Instructors for our Seminars. Also you will be mentioned at our Instructor Page. Proof of Rank will be required, simple drop us a message and we will come back to you shortly.

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School Membership

20160928_113627The School Membership, is for Affliated Schools who actively teach our Systems.You can hold Offical events at your school and take advantage on our International Network of Guest Instructors, which you can invite into your school. Your School will also be listed at our Website and advertised on Facebook etc.


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