The Grassiva Self Defense Organisation aims to bring together all forms and styles of martial arts, self defense and Combat Sports and operate in union with each individual to promote and successfully influence clubs to higher recognition World Wide.

The Grassiva SDO is a Independent Worldwide Operating Self Defence and Martial Arts Organisation, which was founded in Ireland.Today we are working and cooperating with international partners, martial arts associations and Instructors, organising various international events and providing the chance to learn reality based Self defence and Martial Arts, without beeing judged, by gender, religion or skin colour. We at the Grassiva SDO are not interested in martial arts politics or Martial arts ego’s. We are not trying to fit in, but aim to stand out.

 The GSDO does not discriminate against any style of martial art, we are here to assist all styles and all sizes of clubs, from smaller through to larger clubs.

We are here to assist all members within our association and to help in any areas required by members. We do not interfere with the running of individual schools but support and recognize each martial artist and club as highly valued members within the Grassiva Self Defense Organisation.

We do not GOVERN your school, your rules and regulations are your own and we respect every instructors disciplines and control. Each club is free to operate under their own syllabus or may operate under the legislated Syllabus provided by our Organisation. All clubs and Members are welcome to take part in events and seminars under our controlled organisation and representatives in each country, however this is not a requirement.

The organisation is currently offering Full Contact Instructors the opportunity to apply to become a Director or representative HQ for our Organization and/or make yourself available as a guest instructor.



Our Systems


grassiva2_png-2Our main System where every other Grassiva SDO System is created from. The GRASSIVA is an open system, build in a way, that  martial Artists can add their former skills and own techniques, simplify them to make the techniques work for Street Self Defence.

The Grassiva is a Close Combat System, empty hand but also requires knowledge in the use of Weapons.

It is not only a fighting and self defence system, but it also requires an advanced fitness level, Stress Management, unarmed and armed fighting skills, fighting multiple attackers and the use of pressure points for self defence. While the first level merely concentrates on unarmed combat and pure self defence, does level 2 introduce basic weapons, pressurepoints and multiple attackers.

This System is not build in Belt Levels, but in 5 Beginner, 5 Intermediate and 5 Expert Levels.

Grassiva Self Defense System (GSDS)

The Self Defense System is a standalone System and our most popular one. It is split up in the Belt Levels  White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown and Black.

Students have to Grade to the 4th Dan, in order to become Instructors. Simply because the whole system needs to be studied and understood in full, before it should be thought to Students.

The techniques are very simple and straight forward, it includes the basics of the GRASSIVA and is a pure self deference system. It is and was studied by students worldwide, mainly via our Homestudy Program, but also thought offline, by various schools and Instructors all over the world.

GRASSIVA Close Combat

gAs the name suggests, this is a pure Close Combat System, which is based on military close quarter combat.



Grassiva Kids Self Defense System


Our Grassiva Kids Self Defence Programme is designed for the ages 6 – 12y rs also has a structured grading level syllabus based on belt colours for our students to progress and work towards improving their skills.

The Kids Ranks can/will be transferred into equivalent Adult Ranks after reaching the age of 13. Either as a newcomer, or making the transition from a different Martial Arts Systems into our‘ Kids Self Defence Program .

The Grassiva SDO can teach you the skills needed for modern day street self-defence and also the discipline needed for martial arts.

The Grassiva Kids Program focuses heavily on real street scenarios and Grassiva Close Combat/Self Defence training methods, using specific grassiva self defence training.

Growing up, using public transport and walking the streets on their own can be dangerous territory, which is why we use a specific & modern up to date self defence syllabus focusing on certain situations and ‘real life’ scenarios.

Once of age 13 the students can make the gradual transition into the adults system which is available from the age of 13yrs depending on each individual student

Also we offer Various Additional Courses, such as various different weapon Courses such as Nunchaku or Stick Fighting, Boot Camps, Women Self Defense Courses, Tactical Spray, Lethal Hand, Tactical Pen and many others